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Trojan Condoms Obtaining Extra Progressive

Long gone are the times when people just really need to  articles by themselves with just one type of latex rubber condoms. Due to a big portion towards the ever advancing technological know-how that people now get pleasure from a broad selection of condoms they are able to use for your additional pleasurable sexual working experience even though with the exact same time guarding themselves from sexually transmitted illnesses and unwelcome pregnancies.

Different organizations manufacture high-quality condoms and one particular of them could be the Church & Dwight Company, makers of the popular Trojan brand. Backed by 90 years of experience, Trojan condoms such as the Ultra Ribbed, ENZ, Magnum XL and Warm Sensations account for the big share or extra than 70 percent of condom sales in the entire United States of America. This substantial market share is primarily attributed to your brand’s longevity having been introduced in the market way back in 1920.

The Trojan brand carries different types of condoms including the Magnum and Ultra Thin. The Magnum variety is similar to Trojan’s basic condom called ENZ which has a reservoir tip and water-based lubricant. The only difference is the size because Magnum is larger. While the regular condom measures 7 ¼ inches long and 1 3/8 inches wide, Magnum is 8 inches in length and 1 ½ inches in width.

These large Magnum condoms are especially meant for the gifted males. In fact, there is a much larger version known as Magnum XL that is 30 percent bigger than the regular condom. It is considered the widest condom available in the market today edging out its closest competitor, the Durex XXL.

Meanwhile, individuals who desire a more natural skin feeling have reasons to be happy as Trojan has made available its ultra thin condom. The Trojan Ultra Thin would be the thinnest latex condom designed to give users and their partner maximum sensation during sexual intercourse. With this very thin condom, users are guaranteed to feel very comfortable as if they’re using second skin.

Despite its thinness, though, this type of condom is strong and reliable just like the regular Trojan condom. It is made from premium top quality latex material with a special reservoir end and smooth silicone-based lubricant for added comfort and sensitivity. All Trojan condoms are made in the U.S. and are triple tested to ensure their high high quality. They are available in packs of 12 and 36 with or without spermicide.

The Trojan brand has come a long way indeed. The company behind this popular condom brand has revolutionized the condom from being just a protection against infectious conditions and pregnancy to being a tool aimed at enhancing sexual intercourse. As a aspect of the Church & Dwight conglomerate, Trojan condoms are really fortunate that they remain to be very competitive in the market until today amidst the presence of many brands. And let’s not forget the brains behind the Trojan condoms, Merle Leland Youngs, a Presbyterian from New York, who in the early days of this brand took pains in introducing and promoting the use of condoms among adults in the U.S. as an effective way to avert the spread of illnesses.